The Carbon Fix - Terra Boa Project is a forest carbon project. Carbon removals from the atmosphere are held by restoration of native forest vegetation of degraded unmanaged grasslands, through photosynthesis, the carbon is fixed in vegetal structures mainly timber. The compensation of Greenhouse Gases Emissions from companies and institutions will be reached via plantation of native trees saplings, counting more than 80 species per hectare restoring Atlantic forests of Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reserve Areas of the Terra Boa Farm, located in the city of  Guararapes, state of São Paulo, Brazil. This project encloses a 391.37 hectares area occupied by unmanaged grasslands.

The project will implement ecological corridors linking every forest remnant inside the property’s limits and to water courses.

About 114,382.00 tons of CO2 equivalent will be fixed in the reforested areas until 2029, when the reforested areas will be reaching it´s climax.

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News coverage:
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Project Details

Project type:
Afforestation or Reforestation
Guararapes, SP Brazil
Project developer(s) or entities involved:

Atlantica Simbios Environmental Consulting and Services Ltd.

Rangel Leandro Romao

Project status:
Contact details:

Phone: 00xx16 - 3916 5525

Praça Rotary Club, 435 - City Ribeirao
Ribeirao Preto, SP - 14021-355
State of Sao Paulo - Brazil

Project size:
391 hectares
Total actual emissions reductions:
114,382 tCO2e
Estimated annual emissions reductions:
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Voluntary Over-the-Counter Market (OTC)
Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme (NSW GGAS)
Official project start date:
Standard(s) and project area certifications:
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Crediting period:
25 years
Seeking additional support from:
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Official tenure and land-use rights on the project site(s):
Individual farmers/private landowners
Co-benefits of the project to people or ecosystems:
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More about the project's co-benefits:
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Drivers of deforestation or forest degradation in the project area:
Agricultural plantation development
Project activities that address deforestation or forest degradation:
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Forest/land cover type:
Tropical dry
Tenure and use rights:
Individual farmers/private landowners
Species planting mix:
Only native species planted; no exotic species
Verification status:
BRTÜV - subsidiary of TÜV NÖRD certifier
Credit status: