Zbigniew J. Grabowski

I am most interested in the interesection of conservation and sustainable development. My interest in Payments for Ecosystem Services programs is guided by how PES can be applied to sustainable development and conservation. My work with the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment seeks to better understand and integrate urban and regional ecosystem services in urban planning. 

By partnering with the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE-SUNY Stony Brook), we have begun the development of a conservation oriented Reforestation and Agricultural Improvement project connecting critically endangered Lemur habitat to Ranomafana National Park.

Zbigniew J Grabowski received his Masters degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Connecticut. He has worked on a REDD feasibility study with Johanne Pelletier and Catherine Potvin in the Comarca Ngobe-Bugle. At the University of Connecticut, he worked on sustainability issues both as head of the Green House Gas Inventory, and coordinating the expansion of the organic student run Community Supported Agriculture project; the UConn Eco-Garden. His research interests include facilitated restoration, integrated sustainable development, sustainable forest management, socio-ecological resiliency, human and environmental health, and payments for ecosystem services.