Yohannes G/Eyesus Getahun

I have been involved in the 'climate change country study program in Ethiopia' from 1998 - 2004. During that time I did also serve as the national project technical coordinator for the UNDP/GEF funded climate change country study project for Ethiopia. One of the outputs of that project was Ethiopia's 'Initial National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),' which was published in June 2001 (http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/natc/ethnc1.pdf).

In the last five + years I have been pursuing further education in meteorology and water resources. My PhD project involves the measurement and modelling of carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes in a mountainous terrain in the upper Mica Creek watershed, North Idaho (USA). The experimental site is one of the FLUXNET sites. Together with my colleagues we have been collecting data from the site using the eddy covariance eddy flux measurement system for the last six years.

After completing my graduate study I have plans to continue research in the areas of climate change impacts on ecosystems and water resources.