Pablo Llopis

Place and date of birth:
Alcoy (Spain), July 26, 1978
Nationality: Spanish
Marital state: single
Spanish Driving licence: A and B


September 2009 – present time. Studying Master in “Eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad” (“Energy efficiency and sustainability”). Jaume I University of Castellon, Spain. Status: about to deliver the final Master Thesis.
2003-2007. Master of Science in Tropical and International Forestry. Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Germany. Master Thesis: “Cost-Benefit Analysis of different land-use alternatives within LULUCF in Basqueland, Spain”. Published in VDM VERLAG (ISBN 978-3-639-16157-1).
1997-2003. Bachelor in Forestry (speciality in forestry operations and focuses on Natural Resources), Escuela Politécnica Superior de Gandia, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), in 2003. Bachelor Thesis: “The Diaspididae on acicular leaves of pine in Calderona and Espadan mountain ranges”. Evaluated in Göttingen (Germany) obtaining 1.8 = good, equivalent qualification in Spain: 8.

September 2008 - September 2009: sales representative in AQUATEKNICA S.A., company of instrumental for industrial quality control and general laboratory equipments.

September 2007-June 2008: technical engineer in IASUR S.L., Civil and Environmental Engineering Company. Implementation of projects in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante provinces. o September 2006-February 2007: work experience in the company

FACTOR CO2 Integral Services S.L., Environmental Consultancy with focus on climate change issues.

Development of the first draft of an A/F CDM methodology (AR-NM0032) in Uruguay, nowadays accepted by UNFCCC as AR-ACM0001.
Cost-Efficiency Analysis of Green House Gases emission reduction measures in Basqueland for the Basque Government.

October 2005–June 2006: “Cost-Benefit Analysis of forest/agro-forest land-use systems project” developed in Laos and Germany and conducted by Fakultät für Forstwissenschaften und Waldökologie Faculty of Georg-August Universität Göttingen in collaboration with MRC (Mekong River Commission) and GTZ Cooperation Programme (Gesellschaft für Technische Zuzammenarbeit).

October 2005: Scientific assistance in the Institute of Soil Science and Forest Nutrition in the Georg-August-University, Göttingen (field and laboratory work).

September 2004 – February 2005: 5 month internship in the enterprise Ouro Verde Agrosilvopastoril Ltda. Development and implementation of wildlife survey in a primary forest in Caracaraí, Roraima, northern Brazil.

April – July 2004: Scientific assistance in the Institute of Zoology in the Georg-August-Univesity, Göttingen (field work in entomological studies).

December 2000 - July 2001 (450 hours): internship on a cork oak processing company, “Espadan Cork, S.L.”, located in Artana (Castellon, Spain).

May-April 2010. 12 hours Seminar, “Alternative methods for cold production”.

May 2010. 12 hours Seminar, “Efficiency and environment in automotive industry motors”.

May 2010. 12 hours Seminar., “Waste valorization and new energy sources”.

May 2010. 12 hours Seminar. “Heating, ventilating and air conditioning sistems calculation and the new spanish rules”.

March-April 2010. 12 hours Seminar. “Self-sustainable construction”.

October 2006. Seminar in Menéndez Pelayo University “The role of forests facing the second millennia: effects on climate change mitigation”.

January - July 2003 Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany), supported by the Erasmus-Socrates program. Writing and examination of Bachelor Thesis.

27 - 30 November 2000. Attend in the congress: “Mediterranean forest and the associated vital cycles”).

28 March - 1 April, 2000. Attend in the “Third Congress of the European Society of Soil Conservation: “Man and Soil at the Third Millenium””

Advanced user of Windows Office. 
Advanced user AUTOCAD 2010
User level Disper 4.0, knowledge on Environmental Manager and RETScreen
User level GIS (Program: ArcView).
User level EPANET, knowledge on SWMM.

Spanish and Catalan: native speaker
English: Fluently spoken, good writing skills
German: Fluently spoken, good writing skills
Portuguese (Brazil): Fluently spoken, good writing skills