Subroato Bardhan

For more than 7 years KPS GREEN ENERGIES, Has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change across the globe. With 2011 sales and revenues of $ 3.12 million, KPS GREEN ENERGIES is one of the leading technology provider and manufacturer of Briquetting & Pelletizing Machineries & Equipments.
In every sphere of KPS GREEN ENERGIES operations, technology is the key enabler reinforcing its leadership position, and sustaining its competitive strengths. While for some, technology is a means to an end, for KPS GREEN ENERGIES technology capabilities in manufacturing enable it to set new benchmarks in terms of scale, sophistication and speed. The company has dedicated engineering centre at its manufacturing locations in Gujarat.

It has built further on this experience, and has leveraged its R&D strengths to develop a host of new products and features.
KPS GREEN ENERGIES is one of the renowned player in Briquetting Press & Pelletizing Machinery, Apart from Manufacturing Briquetting machine we are also part of Renewable Energy Projects viz. Biomass Based Power Plants, Briquette and huge network for Procuring Biomass across India
We also have a dealer and distributor network across the globe, we are also engaged with international players in different Renewable Energy projects & Biomass Briquetting apart from Private and Multinational Players we are officially on board with 3 foreign Governments to serve their Renewable Energy Projects and providing Biomass Solutions. KPS GREEN ENERGIES as a global leader in Briquetting Press has engineered the Briquetting Technology and excelled the same into the Renewable Energy Industry.