The Partnership for Land Use Science (Forest-PLUS) project is a five-year sustainable landscapes program, between USAID/India and Government of India (GOI). The program will contribute to USAID/India’s Assistance Objective of accelerating India’s transition to a low emissions economy by taking REDD+ actions to scale. The project aims to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and enhance sequestration through afforestation, conservation, and sustainable management of forests. The project will feed into the GOI’s NAPCC and Green India Mission.
The Forest PLUS program will address sectoral barriers, build human and institutional capacity, develop and deploy improved scientific methods for carbon inventory and reference baselines, and actively engage stakeholders and create an enabling environment for REDD+ implementation in India. The Forest-PLUS project will work with the MoEF to support implementation of national policies and programs, and will contribute to MoEF’s efforts to establish and implement programs through collaboration with the new REDD+ Cell. The program will also look for active engagement with communities and local governments in supporting REDD+ activities.