Reforestation Terabona

We have already done privately the plantation of 100 000 trees on a surface of 40 acres on which we find mainly locales species in order to naturalize the area of Mahatsinjo in the west of Madagascar. The carbon benefit only for this surface should hit 58640 billions of C02e, equal to the consumption of almost 4000 french households a year.

For the immediate umbrage of the little Tree, which will become old and majestic, we must plant at a minimum 10 fast growing trees which will serve as the shadow for the tree during the first 10 years of its life . These shrubs we need are called "tephrosias" , shrubs from fabaceae family trees ( or leguminosae) .

At the same time a dozen of other trees will be planted here and there, still in the area near to your tree; another dozen of other trees will take over the "tephrosias" trees’s job when they will have finished making shadows. The trees , most of them are acacias, will serve the sponsored Tree during its first years of life; then they will be cut and offered to the local people, for letting a place to more noble essence of trees which will in turn benefit of the shadow of the sponsored Tree.

If we chose "tephrosias trees " and acacias it is because of course for their fast growing but also for their capacity to fix the azote of the atmosphere, one very interesting property as it alouds the trees to grow on denatured lands and so to regenerate them.