Plantar Carbon Ltda.

The Plantar Group has been working in the forestry industry and its multiple production chains since 1967. The products and services offered by the Group include the production of cloned sprouts, the planting and management of commercial forest plantations for several industries, green pig iron® based on CDM, AMARU® timber products, and the development of carbon projects that resulted in the Group’s newest company: Plantar Carbon Ltda. Plantar Carbon has been developing the Group’s pioneer CDM projects, covering net GHG removals through new planted forests, and emission reductions in the production of renewable charcoal and in the iron making process. The company holds a diversified portfolio of CERs and tCERs which provide more flexibility to carbon buyers demanding high-quality credits. Our carbon assets are also based on strong sustainability indicators, including Forest Stewardship Council certification for all project plantations. The company also provides project development services and strategic advisory for clients in Brazil and abroad. Here follows some of the major highlights of our company: 1) Pioneer experience in the development of CDM methodologies, covering supply chains on an integrated basis, especially in the forestry sector. 2) Experience in the development of Project Design Documents (PDD). 3) Pioneer experience in the implementation and management of CDM projects interlinking the forestry and iron supply chains, having passed through several independent audits, about all relevant aspects of a project (social, economical, technological and environmental). 4) Experience in the relationship with the organizations in charge of approving CDM methodologies and projects, including the federal government, the CDM Executive Board and its methodological panels, UNFCCC working groups, local and global stakeholders. 5) Experience in the relationship with multilateral organizations, including a ten-year-partnership with the World Bank in the development of CDM projects and programs, in cooperation with other public and private organizations. 6) Experience in the conception of ERPAs and in commercial negotiations with private investors and multilateral funds. 7) Pioneer experience in the negotiations of securitization contracts based on carbon finance with international banks. 8) Experience in R&D regarding bio-energy technologies, in partnership with multilateral organizations, universities and government bodies. 9) Experience in the design of public policies to promote mitigation and sustainable development.