Phil Covell

Phil Covell is the Business Analyst for the Katoomba Incubator, an initiative of Forest Trends to monetize carbon benefits and other ecosystem services provided by tropical forests. Prior to joining Forest Trends, Mr. Covell was a founding manager of Triodos PV Partners, where he provided debt, equity, and business management support to renewable energy enterprises in 23 countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Prior to that he developed markets for photovoltaic technology in the Dominican Republic and Honduras through the Global Transition Group, serving as Executive Director of Enersol Associates, Inc., Chief Financial Officer of Soluz, Inc., and a Senior Consultant for Global Transition Consulting, Inc. Mr. Covell has also been a budget manager for the US Peace Corps, serving the Africa, Inter-American and Pacific Regions. He is a graduate of the School for International Training, and holds an MBA from the University of California, Davis.