Peter Schlesinger

For nearly 20 years, I brought GIS to forest activists/scientists in Amazon nations and Siberia, supported by US philanthropy and NASA. I did field work in Central / Eastern Siberia & Russian Far East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America (I live in Peru today). I have authored, coauthored, reviewed, edited many scientific articles, reports, books, manuals, and grant proposals. I have gained a deep understanding and appreciation for the developing country context, its problems and potential solutions, as well as develop methods to wade through the myriad layers of agencies, documents, undocumented rules, and varying interpretations of regulations in order to accomplish real work. Over the years, I’ve learned that the most important things in life are plants, animals, and people, and most of the rest is simply luxury. Recent activities include advising / consulting for the construction of VCS- based REDD+ projects and their deforestation models to support carbon securitization activities in tropical forests of Latin America (Peru, Colombia, Guatemala) and West Africa (Senegal), as well as performing in the role of Independent Evaluator, for example, in the assessment of national deforestation mapping (Guatemala and Guyana) using satellite imagery.