Nisheeth Srivastava

Green Zone Conservation Society is an initiative taken on the grounds of the Kyoto Protocol to achieve emissions reduction and to achieve sustainable development.
Green Zone Conservation Society (GZCS) is a nonprofit organization working with communities to achieve sustainable development. At Green Zone Conservation Society (GZCS) we are a team of professionals with masters in carbon management from the University of Edinburgh. Our philosophy is to eradicate poverty and abide with Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to achieve sustainable development. We closely work with communities in Malawi and India.
We provide free of cost consultancy to communities to design their projects to be eligible for carbon markets. We believe that the sustainable development is critical and is important for achieving social welfare. Sticking to our principles and values we provide expert advice for designing projects for CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standards), Plan Vivo, CCB (Climate Change Buearo), CDM Gold Standard.
For all our forestry projects our first priority is to take good care of the rights of indigenous people.
We are a small yet strong team of consultants with expertise in their respective fields. Our aim is to provide our services to under privileged communities, which are unable to understand the complex process of the various carbon trading mechanisms and design projects for sustainable development benefits. Furthermore we strive hard to deliver projects with quality and maintaining high standards.