Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations) Sept 2011 to now
UN-REDD program consultant Roma, Italy
• Monitoring, Reporting and Verification systems implementation in partners countries
• Divers of deforestation analysis

Forêt Ressources Management (Consulting company) July 2007 – July 2011
Forest carbon activity manager Montpellier, France
• Carbon and climate change business development, structuration of the service offers and organization of the unit (growth from 1 to 4 people)
• Management of forest carbon projects, from conception to on-field implementation:
Central Africa: 3 REDD+ project idea notes (IFM, REDD, ARR) over 2,7Mha (2011)
France: ARR voluntary markets, up to monitoring of the project (2010)
Central African Republic: ARR CDM project, up to field implementation (2008)
• Consulting services contracts for customers: institutional support, methodologies analyses:
World: methodological gaps for REDD+ application in exploited forest (2011)
Central Africa: comparative study of the VCS methodology (2010)
Central Africa: potential of the region in terms of REDD+ (2010)
Brazil: feasibility of institutional financial support in the plantation sector (2010)
• Experience in bilateral / multilateral grants (GEF, World Bank, IADB, AFD)