Mark Loewen

Mark Loewen is President / CEO of World Wide Carbon LLC. With years of proven world class experience, his ability to provide forward thinking industry heavyweights with cutting edge solutions is proven.Mark has over 25 years of high level professional experience including underwriting hundreds of millions of residential and commercial projects from inception to completion, initiating global marketing strategies and securing strategic alliances. His experience includes the first adoption of smart building design, (reducing KW consumption and monitoring at the zone level), early stage sustainability reporting initiatives servicing the Russell 2000, peer review appointments drilling down accepted methodologies and science with respect to all areas of Carbon Emissions Protocol (s), liqudation of verified carbon units in voluntary and compliance markets and senior leadership in procuring large land tracts domestically and internationally reserved for project development.

Since accepting his appointment with World Wide Carbon LLC, Mark has focused his efforts on establishing the company as a world class vertically integrated sustainability solutions provider. World Wide Carbon LLC and affliates have expanded the project development portfolio 100% with the addition of 1,850,000 hectares (Latin America 2) raising the International project development schedule in excess of 3,000,000 hectares. World Wide Carbon LLC also has reserved 1,200,000 acres of timbered tracts domestically scheduled for project development as well 28 landfill project dedicated to methane flaring / methane recapture.

World Wide Carbon LLC has assembled a team of best of breed senior executives, including a Senior Vice President with "Emmy Award Winning" Credentials, Chief Compliance Officer formerly with a billion dollar software firm, and advisory board including senior level expirience in sustainability and high level financial transactions.World Wide Carbon LLC team members include Six Sigma Black belt certification, ISO certification, and sustainability personel with PhD educational level. World Wide Carbon LLC affiliates and strategic partners include Senior Political Leadership at the legislature level and a third generation forester with years of large timbered tract experience.