Maria Lavis

Maria currently works for Offsetters Natural Capital in designing and developing novel Payments for Ecosystem Services projects. She is very interested in using analogs to the carbon offset mechanism for conservation and sustainable land management and finding ways to account for previously externalized natural capital.

Maria has experience coordinating multidisciplinary projects at the intersection of industry, science and policy. She has held contracts with the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada working in the field of marine ecological management (aquatic marine invasives and the interactions of wild and farmed fish). Maria holds a First Class Hons BSc in Physical Geography (SFU/McGill) with a focus on climatology, earth system science, biogeochemistry, resource management, remote sensing, evolution and ecology. She holds a Certificate in Decision Making for Climate Change, and has received training in Community Based Social Marketing as well as Adaptation to Climate change planning with local communities.