Marcelo Sergio Herbst

 Architect with extensive experience and expertise in areas of purchase,contracting and procurement, budget estimates and analysis of bids.
 Extensive expertise in construction management, contract administration of civil and industrial (private and public), head of major projects.
 Excellent leadership and team management.
 Sound knowledge of quality materials and technical advice. [Includes activities offered at leading multinational companies, civil works and buildings, commercial and industrial, business and condominiums, architecture and urban infrastructure, airports, ports and mining.]
 Encompassing all stages of procurement and contracting arrangements, all conducting,
planning and coordination of technical and economic aspects, monitoring and progress of works as project manager.
 Receipt of requirements, analysis of suppliers and contractors, bidding, receipt of technical offers budget according to specifications, analysis of compliance with scope, development
and comparative analysis, price negotiation, delivery, payment, fulfillment of contract details, supplier selection, management contract negotiation, closing and contract signings.
 Monitoring progress and planning of technical work (cost and quality).
 Inventory analysis and evaluation, construction progress (quality, cost and schedule).
 Experience in project and construction management, selection and implementation
of building systems and materials for construction.
 Consultant specialized in cement and concrete - Design development and use of high performance concrete and durability, preventive diagnosis, quality control and corrective action of conditions of construction standards and rules applying national and international quality (IRAM, ASTM, CEMBUREAU, EU, CIRSOC, ACI) in construction, architectural scale, infrastructure, plumbing, roads, industrial, commercial.
 Safe Crane Operations - Lifting Supervisor/Certification - TÜV Rheinland

December 2010 - September 2011
Jose Cartellone S.A. Civil Construction Company
Pascua Lama, San Juan Province - Supervisor of civil works and mining infrastructure responsible for quality concrete plants and the supervision of workers. Team leader for implementation and quality control of concrete for companies, Barrick Gold Inc./Techint Group.
Special projects for architecture and industrial infrastructure. Bidding and contracts, work analysis, and computation and budget. Bidding for shopping and corporate buildings in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Analysis of specifications and plans, execution of costs and budgets, market research suppliers, subcontractors and contracts. Bid analyst in charge of infrastructure and transmission lines to provide power in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
May 2009 - November 2010
Aguas del Paraná (UTE) Construction/Odebrecht S.A./Benito Roggio S.A./Supercemento S.A.I.C./Jose Cartellone S.A. Civil Construction Company
Water treatment plant - Juan Manuel de Rosas
Maschwitz Engineers - Paraná de las Palmas
Subcontracts for civil works and infrastructure - Procurement and contracting, covering all stages and all conducting, planning and coordination of technical and economic requirements and monitoring of projects. Requirements and analysis of suppliers and contractors, bidding, receipt of technical bids, budget according to specifications, analysis of compliance with scope, development and comparative analysis, price negotiation, delivery, payment, fulfillment of contractual details, vendor selection, management contract negotiation, closing and contract signings. Monitoring technical cost and quality at the time of contract execution. Analysis and evaluation of Stocks, construction progress (quality, cost, and deadlines).
April 2008 - May 2009
IRSA - Alto Palermo S.A./Autelli S.R.L. Construction/San Jose Construction S.A. - Pan American Mall - DOT Baires Shopping
Falabella Shops - Architect Project Manager
2007 - April 2008
Ingeconser S.A. Construction and Real Estate Development Company
North Port urban development, land ex Agroexport, Province of Rosario, Santa Fe.
Project Manager and Project Coordination - Feasibility analysis (costs). Planning, development and construction project work. Technical specifications. Selection and hiring of consultants and construction teams. 550ha urbanization Villa Gessel, Province of Buenos Aires 600 homes, farms, club house, spa, hotel, PGA golf, polo, roads from Route 11 and interior landscaping and beach resort.

2003 - December 2007
IRSA Inversiones y Representaciones S.A. - Alto Palermo Shopping – CRESUD - Corporate management and contracting works.
Architect Management Purchasing/Procurement of Works - Requirements, analysis, search and selection of new suppliers and contractors. Bidding and comparative analysis of technical and commercial. Negotiating prices, delivery and payment to suppliers. Provider selection to coordinate with applicant in term delivery and sequencing of work.
Projects - Alto Rosario Shopping and corporate buildings. Abasto Shopping, Paseo Alcorta Shopping, Patio Bullrich Shopping, Alto Avellaneda Shopping, Mendoza Plaza Shopping, Maipú 1300 Corporate Building, Reconquista 823 Corporate Headquarters, improvement works, maintenance projects of intelligent control, fire, thermo-mechanical, electrical, equipment, works of enhancement, restoration of buildings and facades - Abasto Shopping, Prourban Building, Edificio Pirelli.
2002 - 2003
Claudio Failchijes - Architect Studio - Assumption Building Works Manager 1289, CABA - 1200m2. Project manager and project and construction management, monitoring, design and development of Technical Specifications for tenders, contract management / procurement, monitoring work progress and certification.
Architect reviewer for projects for the city government of Buenos Aires.
1995 - 2002
Minetti, Holcim Group
Regional Technical Manager - Responsible for technical assistance in cement, concrete and building systems with concrete blocks to development projects and large-scale works using construction systems and use of cement and concrete in civil engineering structures, industrial, architecture, infrastructure, large-scale hydro. Design development and use of cements and concretes. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of concrete construction. Planning and construction quality control, customer service, construction professionals, construction companies and consulting projects.
I have provided consultation and technical assistance to these companies - Techint, Benito Roggio SA, Altecnica, CH2M HILL, DYCASA, SADE, San Jose Construction - architectural and engineering consulting projects.
Airports - Ezeiza - Technical assistance for building work and enterprise Petersen aircraft platform. San Fernando - Design, development, and control of concrete taxiway and hangar. Aeroparque Buenos Aires - Repairs to track fast-track concrete.
Ports - Mar del Plata - The formulation of concrete for marine environment and quality control. Campana - Making concrete for boat docking platform pavement cereal and maneuvering area, quality control. Ruta Provincial Nº 6 Zarate - technical services section of pavement to control for DYCASA.
Industrial Plants - Pilar Industrial Park
Supermarket Projects - JUMBO, CARREFOUR, EASY, Auchan Avellaneda and Pan. Technical assistance for construction supervision and quality control in concrete, technical supervision for construction of concrete block systems.
Buildings - Multifamily housing and corporate offices.
Carcel de Ezeiza - Construction system with concrete blocks, supervision and technical assistance work.
Marcos Paz Prison System - Construction system with concrete blocks, supervision and technical assistance work.
1990 - 1995
Morinco S.A. - Real estate consultant and developer.
Site Manager of an urban complex consisting of 600 houses, buildings of 4 floors, 16 apartments per building urban infrastructure, shopping center, medical center, and primary school in the city of Santa Rosa and Gral Pico, La Pampa Province .

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires - Teaching assistant for Catedra Design Competition III - Miguel Angel Roca. 1987 - 1988
National Technological University of Buenos Aires (UTN) and University of Belgrano - Lectures on constructive systems of concrete blocks, cement and concrete. 1998 -1999 – 2001 - 2003
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Belgrano - Lecture in Energy Saving Architecture, Solar and Sustainability in building design. 2003
Secretariat of Sustainable Development of Argentina - Solar Energy Systems & Architecture passive and active solar.
Presentation of draft housing, provision of heating and hot water from solar collectors (solar water heating systems) and provision of electricity by photovoltaic panels.
Passive and active solar systems. Design for the provision of heating and hot water from solar collectors (solar water heating systems). 2009

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Belgrano - Architect. 1987
University of Buenos Aires School of Engineering - 2nd year approved civil engineering.
Specialization - Cement, concrete and construction systems, contracting and procurement, solar energy and sustainable architecture.

Engineering Faculty, University of Buenos Aires - Cement, concrete, and building systems.
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism UBA - Architect Evans - Solar Energy.
Central Society of Architects - Solar Energy/Energy Saving Homes.
Technion University, Haifa Israel - Solar Energy/Architecture.
Price Waterhouse - Technical service support, customer service marketing management, and brand advertising. Attention to problems and decision making process for clients, strategies for resolving customer issues, approach methods for troubleshooting internal and external problems.
Portland Cement Institute Argentina/Buenos Aires School of Engineering/American Concrete Institute - Cement and concrete, disease prevention and resolution of construction concrete mix formulation under standards and quality standards. Design and control of concrete pavements, design and construction of concrete for structures in aggressive environments.
Minetti Group, Holcim - Spin Course strategies.
Portland Cement Institute Argentina - Quality standards of cements and concretes.
ICPA/Portland Cement USA/American Association Concrete Institute (ACI) - Refresher courses from 1996 to 2005.
CEPRARA - Conditions and surface treatments.
National Mortgage Bank Association - Trust and mortgage securitization.
Faculty of Economics University of Buenos Aires - Strategic business planning.
TÜV Rheinland - Supervisor crane lifts./Safe operations with cranes. 2010

Spanish mother lenguage
English - reading and writing advanced level. German, Portuguese, Italian and French -basic level. Hebrew good level.