Kenton Rogers

Kenton is an forestry consultant and has worked in the industry for over fifteen years starting out as a field technician with Forest Research prior to obtaining a diploma in forest management from the National school of Forestry at Newton Rigg.

He has been involved in tree projects in Canada, Germany, Cyprus and North Africa, for example, providing consultation on the Global Forest Partnership project delivered by the World Bank and presenting on the conservation of rare conifers at the World Forestry Congress in Buenos Aires.
Previously completed projects have included Forest Restoration, Urban tree strategy, Community woodlands and Conservation:

 2010 Project Managing the UK's pilot i-tree Eco project - to assess the ecosystem services of the Urban Forest and to demonstrate its value to communities, policy makers and businesses. 

 2009 Embarked on an expedition to assess condition of the last remaining (233) Saharan Cypress, an IUCN critically endangered species. Currently developing an in-situ conservation project with Algerian partners.

 2007 - 2009 (ITF) Working with various grass roots communities and partner NGO's in the Sahara and Sahel region to establish small community woodlands for the purposes of land restoration, woodland improvement and poverty alleviation. Upscaling from 3 projects in the region, to 10 new projects (in 9 countries)
Project management, Vegetation management, Environmental impact assessment, Veteran Trees, Forestry, Arboriculture, Silviculture, Woodland planning, Tree surveys and reports, Community woodlands, Tree hazard risk assessment, Forest eco-system services.
Kenton is also a Trustee of the International Tree Foundation, a Chartered Environmentalist, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the co-founder of TreeCOnomics.