Keegan Eisenstadt

Keegan Eisenstadt is president and CEO of ClearSky Climate Solutions, LLC. Mr. Eisenstadt has over 19 years of international environmental consulting experience. His expertise includes: design and implementation of climate change mitigation projects; the negotiation and facilitation of financial arrangements to implement carbon projects; carbon credit monitoring and accounting; marketing and sales of carbon credits; carbon credit project certification; climate change adaptation; forestry sector carbon project design; sustainable forest management; forest conservation planning; protected areas management; agroforestry extension; forest hydrology; watershed analysis, planning and management; watershed management training; hydrologic impact assessment; spatial and quantitative modeling; ecological and environmental impact assessment; environmental education; community outreach; institutional needs assessment; organizational development; skills and technology transfer; training; and rural development. Mr. Eisenstadt is the founder of a global climate change consulting company that has a particular focus on climate change and forestry resources. He is currently developing novel techniques and approaches for carbon forestry projects under the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), Aforestation/Reforestation (A/R) and Improved Forest Management (IFM) frameworks. He has an active role in ongoing native species reforestation projects in the tropics for carbon sequestration credits. Mr. Eisenstadt has designed, or is in the process of designing, carbon projects for certification under numerous certification standards, including: the Clean Development Mechanism, the Voluntary Carbon Standard, the Climate Action Reserve, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the Gold Standard, and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards. His work on global climate change includes corporate approaches to environmental and social responsibility through the reduction and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; the implementation of certified, land-based carbon-sequestration projects; certified agriculturally-based carbon sequestration and renewable energy projects; national and international climate change policy assessment; country adaptation strategies; and other renewable energy emissions mitigation projects. His current work is with responsible private sector corporations and government agencies interested in the development of emissions mitigation projects, and carbon sequestration. He frequently works with environmental institutions/organizations and government agencies in developing needs assessments, performing capacity building workshops, SWOT analyses, management and coordination plans, as well as technology and skills transfer and promoting the adoption of novel activities. He has carried out natural resources management consulting activities throughout the world for multilateral and bilateral donor agencies, local nongovernmental organizations, and private sector firms. Mr. Eisenstadt is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani.