Kaavya Nag

I am a wildlife and environment conservation professional with experience in policy development; field research and scientific analysis; and communication and outreach - across climate change, wildlife conservation and sustainability matters.

I am currently a Policy Fellow at the Office of the Minister for Environment and Forests, Government of India. This role involves developing and elaborating national policy on climate change and forest conservation matters; conducting extensive research on policy-relevant papers and reports; and conceptualizing, developing and streamlining protocol/ guideline documents for improved governance.

In addition to my qualifications in wildlife biology and conservation, my work experience across the broader ambit of climate change and sustainability enable me to contribute to both on-ground conservation action and policy development and planning processes equally.

I am due to move to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in the coming few months, and am looking to be engaged in forest conservation, climate change and REDD+ work based out of Vietnam.