Juan Manuel Martin Gutierrez

Juan Manuel Martin Gutierrez was the founder of the company New Fuel S.A. pioneering Company in the production of plants of Biodiesel in Argentina.
In 2004 he began to construct the first prototypes in the small plant of San Justo, Buenos Aires until developing the first operative unit.
As Technical Director of this company designed, developed and patented the biodiesel units of production of 400 Lts/h and 1000 Lts/h, obtaining the certification of security N.F.P.A granted by Bureau Veritas Argentina.
At 2004 was President of the Committee of International Businesses of the of the Renewable Energies Chamber of the Argentine Republic.
As President of Biocombustibles MG S.A. is Technical Adviser of the engineering projects and Industrial construction of Plants in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay of the companies., Biodiesel Chile S.A., Biodiesel del Sur S.A. Bio Lajitas S.A., Time Well S.A. and Del Este S.A. in the areas of:
• Vegetal Oil extraction and Refinement, on the basis of soybean, safflower,
sunflower and castor oil.
• Large scale algae culture. Harvest, dehydration and oil extraction.
• Animal fat extraction and refinement. •
• Elaboration of Biodiesel and by-products. Multi-feedstock
• Elaboration of Biogas on the basis of organic remainders.
• Generation of electrical energy on the basis of Hidroturbins.

Dissertations and Conferences:
By his experience in the production of Biofuels, it has been invited to as much participate as disertante in frequent conferences and seminaries in the public scope as private, between which they are possible to be emphasized.
Subject: Processes of production of Biodiesel.
FIAER. Fair the Environmental International and Renewable Energies.
Center of Exhibitions “Costa Salguero”.

Subject: Security and Production of biodiesel.
Foundation “Libertad”. Rosario.

Subject: Biodiesel, Raw materials.
Port of Rosario.

Subject: Biodiesel from vegetal oils and animal fats .
University of Quilmes.