Joachim Schnurr

Mr. Joachim Schnurr, is the managing director of GFA ENVEST and in his function manages projects and coordinates all activities in the area of CDM/JI, as well as in the energy sector.
In his professional career, he has dealt intensively with emission reduction activities in all kind of sectors focussing on renewable energy, energy efficiency and forest projects while facilitating the entire project chain from project identification up to registration and implementation. He has conceived carbon financing solutions and his consultancy activities also comprise providing police advice on climate and energy related issues to governments and private entities.

Mr. Schnurr offers vast experience in carbon finance issues with a special emphasis on forest climate projects. Since the very beginning of emission trading he is engaged in the development of various carbon financing concepts for forestry projects including CDM Afforestation Reforestation (A/R), JI A/R, Green Investment Schemes and REDD projects, as well as new developments such as sectoral approaches or NAMAs. During his work he developed an excellent understanding of the global emission trading markets including their financing options to the forestry sector.
Being a Tropical Forestry expert by profession with over 20 years of professional experience in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, his professional working experience covers planning, operation and evaluation of technical and financial co-operation projects dealing with climate change, forestry and natural resource management as short-term expert, project manager and long-term resource person for professional backstopping.

Mr. Schnurr is highly familiar with all modalities and requirements of project management for international donor agencies.