Florent Canizares

Carbonflow™ develops and markets software for carbon reduction market participants. Carbonflow was founded in 2006. Our offices are located in San Francisco, Boston, London, Zurich, and São Paulo. Carbonflow provides unique browser-based products and services that empower any organization to manage, monitor, and monetize carbon projects on a secure multi-party platform. Carbonflow’s solution provides accessible technology to everyone, including those in developing countries with limited internet access. Carbonflow’s solution delivers a suite of products and services to address exactly what the market is asking for – faster and more efficient processes, with more transparency, better quality data, and a higher level of security.

Carbonflow’s technology is designed by market experts to precisely follow the carbon project lifecycle: from project idea to registration and from monitoring to issuance of credits. Carbonflow understands carbon project methodologies and UNFCCC requirements, as well as the voluntary and regional compliance markets in the United States and Australia. Every carbon project can benefit from Carbonflow’s project management solutions. Carbonflow’s solutions were developed with input and guidance from leading carbon market verifiers DNV and SGS and international project developers.