Fitra Jaya Piliang

Lembaga Kerapatan Adat Alam Minangkabau (LKAAM) Kabupaten Sijunjung (Sijunjung Regency of Minangkabau Nature and Culture (Adat) Consultative Body) is an official Minangkabau Community-Based Organization in Sijunjung Regency. In West Sumatera Province there are 18 LKAAMs. Every Regency/City in West Sumatera has only one of LKAAM. Only Mentawai Island Regency in West Sumatera has no LKAAM. In provincial level there is West Sumatera Provincial of LKAAM. LKAAM members consist of selected persons of nagaris from each Regency/City.

Based on a series meetings held during October 2010 Sijunjung Regency LKAAM got the legal or recognized rights or tenure to the project area. A five pieces of document of Landowner Support Statement and Power of Attorney from the Chairman of 19 Kerapatan Adat Nagaries (Nagari Consultative Forum) for the Carbon Sequestration and/or Storage Program in the Protection Forest and signed by Sijunjung Regent as for and behalf of the Sijunjung Regency Government is a proof that the proposed project is legal