Environmental Accounting Services ltd

Environmental Accounting Services is an experienced global environmental advisory consultancy and training company. We specialise in promoting sustainable forest management practices and initiatives through the development of compliant carbon projects in the AFOLU (Agriculture Forestry & Other Land Use) market space.

Our team of industry experts collaborate with governments and NGOs to assist public and private sector companies’ organisations and communities to conserve biodiversity and reduce their mandatory and voluntary greenhouse gas emissions. EAS aims to exceed its clients expectations by offering a unique environmental consultancy service experience based on the implementation of social environmental and economic best practices.

EAS provides a comprehensive carbon project development consultancy service. We assist in all technical aspects of developing project design documents. Specifically our range of services includes:

* Assist with the design and development of AFOLU carbon projects using or developing methodologies that are complaint with carbon standards
* Conduct project feasibility assessments to review & analyse carbon stocks and develop project information notes for project financing
* Develop project design documents for specific AFOLU projects that will facilitate the practice of sustainable land management
* Measure and manage AFOLU carbon projects from idea generation through to full implementation including modelling, monitoring, reporting and verification thereby offering clients a comprehensive customer focused project management service
* Partner with associate organisations to provide validation and verification of specific carbon projects that comply with the global standards e.g Voluntary Carbon Standard, Climate Community and Biodiversity
* Engage in capacity planning by consulting with Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and other forest dwellers to create awareness about REDD & REDD+ projects
* Provide on the ground relevant training programmes which actively involve local communities in the decision making and planning processes through a participatory and facilitative hands on approach
* Empower local & civil society with the knowledge skill and expertise required to perpetuate the ongoing effort required to adhere to sustainable land management best practice
* Educate IPs on sustainable management practices that will provide a viable resource management income and improve their standard of life
* Increase the economic stability of fragile developing markets through the promotion and adoption of sustainable land management best practices that will provide access to global markets for IPs products