D. Yıldırım BAYAR

Carbon Agency

From 2006 to moment ,as being Emon national and international trade Project and consultancy has
been engaged in activities different areas,in 201o positions as a service brand in environmental
issues in 2008 it started to be distrubitor of Clark Labs Idrisi Geographical İnformation Systems
and image processing software in Turkey, and run software and different environmental projects.
Our Objectives

*to carry out micro and macro Project
*to implement standards of REDD projects used in the world and make forestration projects involved
in carbon market effectively
*to carry out social themed and informative operations about REDD studies and carbon management
*to make our social attempt which is intuitional balance approach and carbon stabilization reached
to individulistic scale from scientific scale
*to develop macro REDD projects on local basis and became a Pioneer in this area
*to contribute effectively to REDD projects in the matter of GIS and remote sensing