Hasan Noor Ahmed

Organization background
Bilan is a non-political non-profit making and voluntary organization established for the interest of women development. The organization was founded by a group of S/land of both genders commits itself to promote viable programmers that mainly focus on female development so as to ensure gender empowerment educationally, socially and economically, however, Bilan
Institutional structure illustrates various job organs as for well-defined and say itemized organizational management spectrum.
The organization is registered in the ministry of National Planning & Coordination and state attorney general’s office.
Bilan Objectives

Promotion of gender development concerns in the interest of the women community
To upgrade the living conditions of low-income women and agro-pastoralists by helping them through initiating income generation and diversification activities.
To provide certain learning opportunities for young women and adolescent girls in non-formal educational system.
To establish vocational training centers for women’s literacy and skills trades programmers
To make arrangement for the improvement of women’s financial situation mainly through revolving credit facilities and/or enhancing similar possibilities.
Enhance women’s role in polities & leadership at levels.

Hasan Noor Ahmed, Chairman
Biland Awdal Organization, Somalia