Mr. Bélanger, inventor of the "Panel Corruven" and founder of the companies having the same name "Corruven Canada Inc." and "Corruven Inc.", is our Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Forest engineer, he received his diploma in 1986 of the university of Laval in Quebec. As entrepreneur, Mr. Bélanger has spend the last 25 years managing and developing his owned businesses, from forestry management and training methodology to trading wood logs and wood products all around the world.
Traveling throughout Europe, Africa as well as Asia, Mr. Bélanger has acquired very deep experiences at the international level. Mr. Belanger has also received extensive exposure to a wide variety of organizations and industries and has been awarded multiple prestigious awards including: Award for “Innovation In Forestry Technology” by New Brunswick Forestry Association; Award of Africa-Canada Partnership; and “New Brunswick's Entrepreneur Of The Year” by the Economic Development Council of New Brunswick to only quote these ones. Hard worker, his road map brings him to always overcome and surpass the normality in his field work. Being involved, Mr. Bélanger was remarked at different levels, participating in various commercial missions with Team Canada in several Countries, it is equally member of the Association of the Professionals Forest Engineer of N.B. as well as being member of Board Committee