Luis Betancur will be joined overseeing the operation and development of forestry, agrbuisness, minig, agroforestry investments, certification, payment for environmental services and ( REDD) +carbon forest ventures grants. Mr Betancur is bringing 30 years of experience of working within international development with a focus in Agroforestry - Biodiversity conservation and Sustainable Tropical Forest Management with emphasis on industrial development in Australia, Asia and South America . Mr Betancur's international donors and financial institution's network, is a value added to this assignment. Formerly owner of three consulting companies and industrial timber developments in Australia and South America permit His entrepreneurial expertise to assist in the revision with fundamental expertise in large and complex projects funded by multinational ONG and international donors .
Mr Betancur is a Doctor in Forestry Engineering from Columbia University, with Master degree and post-graduations in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Environmental Engineering Management and Climate Change from the University of New South Wales, UTS and Australian Bond University. With accreditations in Australia ( IFA _ACFA ) USA ( NCSAF ), and Engineering license in Colombia South America. Betancur was awarded in 2002 with the Brazilian Environmental prize for his great contribution to protect the Amazonian rain forest .His fundamental partaking in isolated and multifaceted community participation in Afghanistan is a confirming his skill to interact with diverse cultures and environments .