Bill Farmer

Bill has worked in Africa since 1972, and travels widely on the continent. He previously worked for the UK’s Commonwealth Development Corporation. He is an agricultural economist with an MBA, and is now a permanent resident in Uganda.

He established the Uganda Carbon Bureau in 2006 as a provider of carbon finance access services to East African projects and enterprises. It supports local businesses to be part of the growing CDM carbon market and to raise project funding. It works on an open-access and fair trade basis The company is based on his earlier experience of starting the Plan Vivo carbon credit forestry smallholder scheme in Uganda in 2002..

He attends many climate change and carbon meetings in Europe and Africa, and uses this information in the company’s educational and project activities. Pipeline projects currently include several CDM multi-country Programmes of Activities covering improved stoves, biogas appliances, renewable energy projects (wind, hydro, geothermal, solar) and forestry focussed on East Africa.

Standalone projects are supported. Many businesses, donors and foundations are working with the Bureau, which is one of the largest carbon teams in Africa. It also runs a Carbon Neutral service, and an educational programme called ‘Climate Sense’.