Anna Liubachyna

I am Liubachyna Anna, a student of Erasmus Mundus Master Programme - Mediterranean Forestry and Management of Natural Resources (MEDfOR).
Since my bachelor degree and first master degree, I have developed strong interests for the issues regarding environment, especially environmental policy, law and sustainable development. While now, doing my second master, I decide to focus particularly on the forest sector area, especially forest certification, payment for environmental service and EU forest legislation. Therefore, my specialization now is Mediterranean Sustainable Forest Management –An Institutional Economics Approach. I would like to mention, my thesis works were connected to the sustainable development and environmental law, so I have a clear picture of this conception and can be straight away immersed into the projects. As well, I have an experience in the environmental projects during my volunteer job in ecological organizations. It helped me to realise how properly and effectively to use my knowledge and to work in a team for better results. I have learned how to apply and implement different legislative acts as laws, conventions, norms, standards etc. in real projects. Consequently, my previous degrees in Environmental Science combined with degree in Forestry makes me a qualified professional in the forest sector area, but also gives me a comprehensive understanding of all ecological issues.
As a potential candidate for the internship or job opportunities I can express myself as a strongly motivated person, that has excellent analytical and problem solving skills, can adopt gained knowledge and experiences for particular situations. As a young motivated professional, I can assure you that will bring energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.