Will REDD protect forests, or allow business as usual to continue?

12 November 2009

 REDD is one of the key issues under discussion at the UN Climate negotiations in Bangkok. NGOs have put out a series of new reports hoping to influence the way the discussions go. A new briefing from Global Witness, reveals why the forestry term, ’sustainable forest management’ could spell disaster for the future of the world’s forests. The Ecosystems Climate Alliance has produced a Forest Pledge, calling for countries “to support the protection of intact natural forests as a core mechanism of the treaty”. And the Indigenous Environmental Network released a report strongly rejecting REDD.

“Sustainable forest management is industry-speak for logging,” says Sean Cadman, of the Wilderness Society, reported in the Bangkok Post. The Ecosystems Climate Alliance has put forward a list of areas that must be strengthened in the negotiations, if REDD is to have any hope of succeeding.