White Mountain Apache Tribe's record issuance in California

15 October 2015

CaliforniaCarbon.info, October 15, 2015: (With revisions to remove an incorrect reference to the distinction for the fastest turnaround by an ARB forestry project. It was reported that this was held by Trinity Timberland’s and Finite Carbon’s University Hill improved forest management project (CAR1046) at 278 days. The project was in fact managed by Trinity Timberlands and Forest Carbon Partners.)

Yesterday’s California carbon offset (CCO) issuance announcements confirm a busy week in which ten projects were altogether awarded 4,862,441 CCOs, bringing the total issued so far to 29.32 million. While most of the issuances were awarded for early action projects, the one ARB compliance award was significant, weighing in at 4,451,645 CCOs, or roughly 15% of the total CCOs ever issued. Including the 161,510 offsets generated in Quebec, a total of 24.61 million CCOs are available for future compliance.

Two reporting periods for one of these ten projects – EOS-JA-09-01 (CAR604) – were directly issued 115,000 credits as CCO-3s, on account of a second regulatory verification having previously been completed for the same reporting period. This sees the number of CCO-3s in the program marginally rise to 4.06 million. Adjusting for previous retirements and for credits in the buffer, 3.64 million CCO-3s remain available for future compliance use, including some 306,517 whose liabilities expired last month.

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