What's next for forest carbon in North America?

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By David Diaz

Following on the release this month of the 2010 Forest Carbon Offsetting Survey from Ecosecurities, the Norton Rose Group, Conservation International, the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance, and ClimateBiz, four panelists were convened to discuss the outcomes of the survey on a free webinar held this Monday, May 24.  Hosted by Ecosecurities and 2degrees, the webinar walks listeners through the survey results and what they mean for North American forest carbon buyers.

The webinar was chaired by Tilde Herrera of Greener World Media, and presented perspectives from Till Neef of Ecosecurities, Toby Janson-Smith of Conservation International, Derik Broekhoff of the Climate Action Reserve, and David Diaz of Ecosystem Marketplace.

The complete recording of the webinar has been broken up into 12 parts below for easier navigation and to find the content you're most looking for.  It covers:

  • Part 1: Introduction to panelists and agenda of webinar
  • Part 2: General North American attitudes towards forestry projects
  • Part 3: What aspects of forest carbon projects North American buyers find most and least attractive
  • Part 4: What types of forest carbon projects buyers are interested in and geographically where they look to find them
  • Part 5: The preferences of buyers among forest carbon offset standards and the pricing expectations for offset credit purchases
  • Part 6: An update on domestic and international policies regarding forest carbon leading up to and following Copenhagen, including discussion of the new Senate climate bill, the American Power Act
  • Parts 7-12: 30 minutes of participant-driven Q & A, covering topics of offsetting on public lands, the volume and value of the forest carbon market in the US, expected rates of return and risk considerations for forest projects, and more.