Update on the Disassociation of the Forest Stewardship Council from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)

12 November 2013

In October 2007, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) disassociated from the Indonesian company Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). The decision was due to substantial publicly available information that APP was involved in destructive forestry practices. The FSC Board of Directors extended the scope of the disassociation to those entities for which the FSC Secretariat had evidence of control by APP as the majority shareholder. Certificate holders affected by this decision had their certificates terminated and were no longer able to use the FSC trademarks.

In late 2012, APP approached FSC, stating that they had undergone fundamental changes and that they would therefore like to enter into a constructive dialogue on the possibility of renewed association with FSC. More recently, APP has announced a new Forest Conservation Policy, with one part focused on the complete adoption of the FSC Principles & Criteria for High Conservation Value Forests across its entire supply chain.

The FSC Board of Directors welcomed this announcement and has expressed interest in following APP’s process of achieving the stated objectives of the Forest Conservation Policy and compliance with the FSC Policy for Association.

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