Union of Concerned Scientists releases 2015 Palm Oil Scorecard

10 April 2015

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) scored the palm oil sourcing commitments of 40 consumer brand companies and found many – especially in the fast food and store brand sectors – have a long way to go to ensure their products do not contribute to deforestation.

“Palm oil is found in thousands of products that you might not connect with deforestation. Did you use products from Burt’s Bees or Avon this morning? Purchase a Starbucks pastry? Pick up a Whole Foods 365 product for dinner? Until these and other iconic brands commit to deforestation-free palm oil, their products might contribute to deforestation,” said Lael Goodman, analyst with UCS’s Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative. “But don’t ditch these brands. There is a lot the companies producing these brands can do to ensure we can still enjoy our favorite products without a guilty conscience.”

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