UN-REDD Programme approves nearly US$ 35.5 million in REDD+ readiness funds

9 July 2014

Lima, Peru – 9 July 2014: The 20 members of the UN-REDD Programme Policy Board today approved US$ 35,481,763 in REDD+ readiness funds at their 12th policy board meeting, held in Lima, 8-9 July. The policy board also approved decisions that support the design of a 2016-2020 Programme strategy that will align with evolving partner country needs. The meeting was attended by more than 100 participants representing 25 countries, indigenous peoples and civil society organizations, and donor countries – and was marked by a collaborative, forward-looking atmosphere.

The approved REDD+ readiness funds included the allocation of funds for the National Programmes of Argentina, Cote d’Ivoire and Mongolia – respectively US$ 3,842,370, US$ 3,210,000 and US$ 3,996,450. Participants highlighted the unique REDD+ learning opportunities of each National Programme. Argentina’s programme will address the large numbers of private landowners in the agriculture sector and soy production as one of the main drivers of deforestation. Cote d’Ivoire’s innovation programme will take into account the competition for forest lands with the cocoa, timber and rubber industries. Mongolia represents the first boreal forest National Programme to be funded by the UN-REDD Programme.

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