Transparency International REDD+ workshop in Zimbabwe calls attention to bush fires and deforestation

24 October 2014

ZIMBABWE has been urged to mitigate against effects of climate change exacerbated by pollution and deforestation amid reports that 300 000 hectares of forests was being destroyed annually.

Environment, Water and Climate ministry acting Climate Change deputy director Veronica Ngundu told participants at a Redd+ workshop for Transparency International Zimbabwe in Harare yesterday that deforestation was most prevalent in the countryside.

“The global climate has been affected by air pollution, especially from carbon dioxide released over decades of industrial pollution in countries far from us, and the removal of vegetation cover reduces the ability of the world’s ecosystems to safely absorb the carbon and other pollutants from the atmosphere. The less vegetation there is, the more the climate will change because of the air pollution problems on a global scale,” Ngundu said.

She called for transparency and accountability in the use of Redd+funds meant to help conserve the environment, adding that uncontrolled bush fires released vast quantities of carbon into the atmosphere resulting in the air becoming hazy in summer.

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