The Climate Trust Buys First Avoided Forest Conversion Offsets in the California Market

21 April 2015

The Climate Trust, a mission-driven nonprofit that specializes in financing climate solutions, today announced the receipt of the first-ever California Carbon Offsets (CCOs) from an Avoided Forest Conversion project. The Green Assets-Middleton Place project conserves more than 3,700 acres of pristine southern coastal habitat near Charleston, S.C.

The Climate Trust purchased 243,375 carbon credits from the project’s owner Middleton Place. This is equivalent to the annual electricity use of over 65% of the households in the city of Charleston.

Avoided Conversion projects prevent forestland from being converted to non-forestland use by dedicating the property to continuous forest cover. Additionally, Middleton Place makes a concerted effort to manage its forest resources for sustainability and the provision of critical habitat for a diversity of wildlife.

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