Tanzania: Participatory Land Use Planning Ideal for Communities

25 November 2013

Participatory Land Use Planning is a tool that put residents in the driver's seat and challenged to devise solutions to the problem of meeting the community's projected growth needs while protecting the community's economic, environmental and social wellbeing.In order to be effective, forward thinking planners such as Farm Africa are needed to generate increased understanding of the land use and development issues in the community.

"There is need to put more emphasis on the use of participatory land use plans by supporting the forward thinking planners such as Farm Africa in developing the importance of the tool," says Forestry Officer of Mbulu District, in Manyara Region, Mr Joseph Kimaro.

According to Mr Kimaro, Farm Africa Organisation (a Non- Governmental Organisation) aiming to use the participatory land use plans as a tool for sustainable management of natural resources including forests has enabled the villagers in Mbulu District establish land use plans in order to reduce forest destruction.

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