Student starts agroforestry project in Uganda to offset university emissions

18 September 2014

A Clarkson University graduate student aims to offset some of the University's carbon emissions by planting trees in Uganda.

Alex French, an environmental politics and governance master's student from Cherry Valley, N.Y., developed an agroforestry project with potential to balance out the effects of carbon emissions generated by University air travel.

With initial funding from Clarkson's Institute for Sustainable Environment sustainability fund and in collaboration with the School of Business, French partnered with the nonprofit Trees for the Future and Mbarara University of Science and Technology to grow forests in Uganda.

French helped establish two nurseries in Uganda in June to grow a combined 20,000 seedlings each year. The trees are then transplanted to several locations around Mbarara, with the goal of sequestering carbon.

"Preliminary calculations suggest that the annual carbon sequestration from this project could equal to our campus airfare emissions," French said.

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