State of the Voluntary and Forest Carbon Markets 2012 Survey Now Available!

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By Molly Peters-Stanley


Ecosystem Marketplace is pleased to announce the launch of the survey that will inform the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets and State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2012 reports – the marketplace’s comprehensive and freely available accounts of the health and wealth of voluntary and terrestrial carbon markets. Read all about the report's history, participation and reception on the survey website.

We’ve added bells and whistles (and simplicity!) to our data collection process and more extensive outreach than ever before. All we need now is you – voluntary and forest carbon offset retailers, project developers, wholesalers, brokers and other suppliers – to help ensure that our coverage is accurate.

So here are 10 solid reasons to contribute your 2011 data by March 1, 2012:

1. Get your organization on the map: Report 2011 transaction volume and/or transactions and we’ll list your organization on a banner on the Ecosystem Marketplace home page (beginning next week) and in the reports’ directory of carbon offset retailers, project developers, wholesalers, brokers and other suppliers – read by tens of thousands, year-round.

2. Data retention: We’re pleased to launch a new survey platform where you create a login that’s yours to keep, year after year. In 2013, all you will have to do is provide an update. Non-procrastinators can even update their next response throughout2012.

3. Get your project on the map: Forest carbon project developers, specifically, can opt for their project(s) to be the Forest Carbon Portal Project Inventory’s Featured Project at least once between now and report publication - if you provide project-level information. You’ll hear from us when your project is featured.

4. Get your country on the map: While we’re collecting data, we will track the number of survey responses by country on the Ecosystem Marketplace homepage. If you don’t think our data is representative enough, help us shade in the map!

5. Raise market profile: Every year, we strive to grow the number of responses to our survey, and not (just) because we like to hoard data. This report finds its way into the hands of decision-makers around the world – you can help us make sure that their market information is true to form.

6. Be the first to know: Survey respondents are notified before anyone else that the reports are available on our website.

7. Get a head start: While we only recognize in the report and on our website organizations that transacted credits in 2011, those organizations that just got their start in 2012 will also be acknowledged (with web link) in this new brief for reporting expected volumes and buyer types (in “Projections” and “Buyers” section of survey)

8. Shape our research agenda: The State of reports – and conversations we have with suppliers throughout the survey process – undeniably influence the trends and content that we will pursue in our reporting throughout 2012.

9. Do good, for goodness sake: As an initiative of the non-profit Forest Trends, our mission is to make the priceless valuable. This report is a collaborative, comprehensive and freely available resource produced with no other motive than to promote market transparency and informed decisions. We're asking for a lot of information (we know), but believe you'll find the product and outcomes worthwhile.

10. We're here for you: Not everyone likes new "stuff." If you have concerns or questions about the new survey portal or want us to walk you through the process (or just want assurance that your information is completely confidential) please email usor call Molly Peters-Stanley (+1-202-298-3005) anytime. Really.

Our first round of thanks goes out to those who responded to the survey in full less than a day after it was launched - way to get the ball rolling KEMCOTaking RootEnvironmental Credit Corp.Carbon Credits Advisors and Less Emissions.

Visit the survey portal to create a login and begin the survey process. And now, on to the news!       

—The Editors

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