Stakeholder Engagement Is Key to Peru’s FIP Investment Plan

21 November 2013

Multi-stakeholder engagement is a hallmark of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF). Nowhere has this process been put to the test as in Peru, the last pilot country of the CIF’s Forest Investment Program (FIP) to finalize its investment plan, which was endorsed today by the CIF governing bodies for $50 million. Delays have proven to be necessary to ensure all stakeholders, particularly indigenous peoples, have had a voice in this critical planning stage.

“We have had an intense consultation and participation process, including the two major Amazonian indigenous peoples groups, NGOs, and the private sector. The process has taken more time than originally expected, but, in the end, has produced a more legitimate and technically strong document,” stated Gabriel Quijandria, Peru's Vice Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources in the Ministry of the Environment.

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