SOCIALCARBON Standard Public Consultation

26 November 2013

The SOCIALCARBON Team invites its stakeholders to comment on the new indicators designed by one of the Authorized Developers: the "Indicators for Bucakkısla HPP Run-of-River Hydro Project", by Future Camp. Available at

We ask for your opinion and comments on this, since we deeply respect and appreciate your input.
Please send your comments to by December 4, 2013.

Thank you very much for your help and we look forward hearing from you.

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SOCIALCARBON® is a standard designed to quantify the co-benefits of carbon offset projects. Specifically, it is a set of analytical tools that assesses the social, environmental and economic performance of projects, monitoring continuous improvements across time, thereby demonstrating the project’s contribution to sustainable development. SOCIALCARBON®, being an add-on certification, enhances value to emission reduction projects and to offset units, on top of any accounting standard.

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