Seagrass carbon project under development in Mauritius

5 March 2016

Give seagrass a chance

Project developer Indufor is designing a seagrass restoration project in Mon Choisy, Mauritius with the hope that it will ameliorate the compounding threats of sea level rise, overfishing, coral reef destruction, and cyclones. The project is currently funded by a grant under the Adaptation Fund, but that runs dry at the end of 2017. Majella Clarke, who runs the climate change unit at Indufor, told Ecosystem Marketplace that they’re proposing a new tropical seagrass methodology under the Verified Carbon Standard in hopes of securing longer-term carbon finance. One methodology they’re considering would involve temporarily stopping boat traffic in the lagoon to give seagrass seedlings a chance; another would involve transferring the plants once they’re a bit bigger.

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