RSPO promises to defeat palm oil-linked deforestation

23 November 2014

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is set to step up its fight against illegal deforestation by taking stronger discplinary action against members who flout RSPO rules and inking new partnerships to grow the sustainable palm oil market.

Speaking at the 12th Annual Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT12) on Wednesday, RSPO chairman Biswaranjan Sen told delegates that collaboration and compliance were two key elements that shape RSPO’s efforts to make sustainable palm oil the norm.

Although it is mandatory for certain RSPO members to submit documents outlining their progress on efforts to attain certification, Sen noted that 40 per cent of them had not done so despite several reminders. A further 5 per cent of members had not submitted these documents for three consecutive years. 

“This is not acceptable. RSPO is not a club where payment of membership fees is enough to secure a seat at the table,” said Sen, adding that failure to comply in a few weeks’ time would result in disciplinary action, likely in the form of expulsion. RSPO announces membership terminations on its website, and being expelled from the roundtable would publicly show that a company is not producing palm oil sustainably.

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