Rimba Raya Conservation Shares Ecosystem Restoration Program in Seruyan Regency, Indonesia

13 August 2014

PT Rimba Raya Conservation (PT RRC) has completed three socialization programs for the Ecosystem Restoration (ER), in order to implement the REDD+ (Reducing Emission from Degradation and Deforestation) program over nine villages in Seruyan regency from July 2013 to July 2014.

L. Djonni Andhella, CEO of PT RRC, said that the ER socialization program has been implemented respectively by PT RRC and PT RRC's partner, World Education (WE), and also performed collaboratively by PT RRC and WE. The socialization required for the nine villages in Danau Sembuluh subdistrict and Seruyan Ilir Subdistrict, Seruyan regency, Central Kalimantan, which is partly located in the project area of PT RRC, has been enacted to allow the village communities to recognize PT RRC and to clearly understand the programs and the objective of PT RRC.

Mr. Andhella, as the official permit holder of the forest management, is obliged to inform all the community that the main objective of PT RRC is to undertake activities related to the management of climate change, biodiversity, and the community village development.

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