REDD+ Partnership Stumbles as Donors and Developing Countries Split in Tianjin

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By Steve Zwick

The Partners are meeting in  Tianjin, China, on the sidelines of  the last major UN climate-change meeting before year-end talks in Cancun.

The week began with frustration on the part of developing countries, angry over industrialized nations' refusal to discuss issues of action in 2011 and 2012.

“Developed nations seem content to simply agree on operational measures for 2010, and will not entertain scaling up of REDD+ finance and action or results-based payments,” a source close to the negotiations said on Tuesday. “Things may come to a head tonight.”

The Partnership is open to “all active, registered NGOs of the UNFCCC”, which is roughly 1200 organizations, as well as NGOs that are members of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Participants Committee and the UN-REDD Policy Board.

On Monday, a drafting group comprised of developed and developing countries met to address issues such as scaling up of finance and action on REDD+, as well as results-based payments for REDD+ actions.

On Wednesday, negotiations bogged down when the Partners refused to let stakeholders into the room where Modalities for Stakeholder Participation were being discussed.



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