REDD+ Partnership Co-Chair Responds to Ecosystem Marketplace Coverage

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By Federica Bietta

Federica Bietta
Date: December 16, 2010 9:39:21 PM CST
To: Steve Zwick
Cc: Michael Jenkins, NAKANO JUNYA, Patrick Verkooijen, Tiina Vahanen, Benoît Bosquet, Yemi KATERERE
Subject: False and Misleading Articles on the REDD+ Partnership

Dear Steve,

On behalf of the REDD+ Partnership we would like to respond to the series of articles (specifically December 4th and October 7th) published in EcoSystem Marketplace. We feel compelled to offer clarification of the portrayal of “facts” and the countless points of misinterpretation.

The preparation of the 2011-2012 Work Program was informed by three major principles: 1) Specific input from REDD+ Partners and stakeholders; 2) Surgical editing of redundant language and/or content: and 3) Incorporation of text that was taken directly from the REDD+ Partnership Ministerial Document agreed in Nagoya in November 2010. Under no circumstances did any party make unilateral “redactions” or add new text. Furthermore, the co-Chairs did not alter or cut any text related to the institution or role of safeguards.

Accordingly, the REDD+ Partnership believes that corrections in all relevant articles by Ecosystem Marketplace is warranted. If you require further clarification on the Work Program and the process of its adoption to produce the corrective, please feel free to contact the co-chairs or the FMT/PT.



Federica Bietta
Junya Nakano


Ecosystem Marketplace Responds (21 December 2010)

The issue of stakeholder involvement is complex, and we do not claim to cover its entirety in the pieces alluded to above. We also, however, are not aware of any factual errors in these reports.  We are following up with Federica Bietta and other members of the REDD+ Partnership Secretariat to ensure their accuracy, which we continue to stand by. As new information comes to light, we will report it, and if any of that new information shows our previous reporting to have been in error, we will certainly set the record straight.

We believe this discussion provides an opportunity for the REDD+ Partnership to share additional documentation of its decision-making process and can increase transparency consistent with the Partnership’s stated goals. We remain committed to providing accurate reporting on these issues while allowing stakeholders with varying opinions to express their views when any claims can be substantiated.

We invite anyone who would like to shed more light on this issue to contact us at

Steve Zwick
Managing Editor
Ecosystem Marketplace