REDD Negotiations Still on Track for Decision in Cancun

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By David Diaz

Speaking to Ecosystem Marketplace after the closed door negotiations on REDD+ adjourned in Cancun this afternoon, the US delegate leading REDD+ negotiations, Donna Lee, reported that a consensus among the parties emerged within the brief meeting on something as fundamental as which text the negotiators would use as a starting point.  Based largely on progress from earlier AWG-LCA leading up to Tianjin, the "Chair's Text" now seems to be the preferred entry to REDD negotiations rather than the "Negotiating Text." this option which negotiators are choosing to continue negotiations under abandons for the most part several revisions introduced in the  coming into this meeting.

This choice reflects a move away from the proposals added by Bolivia and Saudi Arabia from the last AWG-LCA meeting in Tianjin. Saudi Arabia has generally opposed the creation of a new mechanism for REDD, and Bolivia has insisted that no offsets be generated from REDD activities and that carbon markets also not be an eligible source for REDD funding. In addition, Bolivia continues to assert a strong voice for affirming the rights of indigenous peoples under any REDD mechanism.

A new revision of the AWG-LCA text is expected to emerge Saturday morning (Dec 4, 2010), and Lee reports that it is likely to include some accomodation of the Bolivian opposition to markets. Suggesting the final version of the text may not include an explicit reference to "carbon markets," Lee believed that instead the text might include a more subtle reference in terms of potential support from public and private financing sources.

Ultimately, Lee suggested the staunch opposition of Bolivia to the application of market mechanisms to REDD was likely to spill upwards into the higher level discussions at the Conference of the Parties, leaving the final decision on further language regarding the potential vehicle for private financing up to next week when many higher level government ministers are arriving to settle these and other issues within the broader LCA text.

Lee remained optimistic that talks were on track for a final decision on REDD by the Conference of the Parties.

Stay tuned for additional coverage on the new LCA text as it emerges.


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