REDD+ Community Involvement: The SuruĂ­

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By David Diaz

3 May 2010 | The Suruí tribe in the states of Rondonia and Mato Grosso, Brazil have been at the forefront of the discussion over how indigenous peoples should be meaningfully consulted and integrated into the planning, conduct, and success of market-based efforts to conserve forests.  Forest Trends' own Beto Borges, the director of our Communities and Markets Program, describes his work and experience with the Suruí in an article written for a new award-winning documentary including coverage of the Suruí, Children of the Amazon.

Read Beto's account of his experiences with the tribe and work to conserve indigenous peoples' forests here.

Learn more about the new documentary, Children of the Amazon at the official website here.


Laying the legal foundation for indigenous rights to carbon

The Suruí have contributed to an ongoing effort to pursue forest conservation within the realms of the emerging markets for forest carbon through project activities including forest planting and reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD).  They were the source for a recent landmark legal analysis from Baker McKenzie and commissioned by Forest Trends that concluded the tribe was entitled to ownership of the carbon rights associated with the project.

Read more about the legal decision and its long-term impact from Ecosystem Marketplace's Steve Zwick here.


Find out more about the Suruí Project

The 248,000 hectare Suruí Project is also listed in the Forest Carbon Portal's international project inventory pipeline.  See more about the project from its inventory listing here.