Quebec Cree First Nation delegation in B.C. to learn from those who signed Great Bear Rainforest Agreement

8 March 2016

Leaders from the Quebec Cree First Nation of Waswinipi recently met with counterparts from British Columbian First Nations to get the details on how they achieved the recent agreement to put 85% of the Great Bear Rainforest under permanent protection. Previously, First Nations in B.C. forged a unique Atmospheric Benefit Sharing Agreement with the government, setting the terms for the flow of carbon offset revenue from Great Bear. Now, the Cree are curious if they can follow suit. “If the Province of B.C. and First Nations can sign the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement, we see no reason why we can't achieve something similar…to protect the remaining 10 percent of unlogged area in our territory," said Chief Marcel Happyjack.

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